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Teledactyl Tokensale Pool

Teledactyl ICO | BlacKrypto Society Pool

Teledactyl is a healthcare blockchain startup initially focusing on creating a system for medical records management, payments, and telemedicine, but ultimately creating an ecosystem of healthcare apps to reduce waste, lower cost, and bring healthcare providers and patients closer together.  Out of the $3.5 trillion spent on healthcare in the US, $800 billion is wasted on inefficient administrative costs.  Teledactyl aims to address at least some of that waste and make it easier for healthcare providers to serve patients, spending less time on admin and more time on patient care.

It is currently difficult to get access to and manage your health records.  Don't believe us?  How many times did you go to the doctor in 2014 and how much did you spend on healthcare?  Right.  You don't know.  You should be able to pull up an app to tell you that in a matter of seconds.    

Now, there are several apps and blockchain companies currently playing in this space.  That's good.  Some will win and some will lose.  But the industry is big enough for many winners.  As a Black-owned company, we want to help Teledactyl be one of those winners.  If you want to dig deeper into the mission behind Teledactyl and how it will actually work, you can visit their website and read the whitepaper.  They’ve put together a great team and have some innovative concepts for how to get healthcare providers on board.  Being Black-owned is just a bonus!

Great.  Now what?

So, the Teledactyl tokensale is happening right now, but not the public sale, the private pre-sale (deadline August 11).  There is a 20% bonus for the private pre-sale, but the catch is that you have to make a minimum purchase of 100,000 Teledactyl tokens (TDCL), which is about 0.6667 BTC.  That's not a small amount of money for most people.  So your good friends at BlacKrypto Society have received an allocation of up to 200,000 TDCL, which means that you don't have to make the minimum purchase.  Now you only need to purchase a minimum of 1,000 TDCL (or 0.006667 BTC), and this will get you a bonus of 15% (we keep 5% to help BlacKrypto Society create more educational content, find you more opportunities, and pay our people).  Or you can send BTC without using BLKS and get a 12.5% bonus.

How to Participate

Essentially what you'll need to do is buy BLKS (the official coin of the BlacKrypto Society) and then use that to purchase TDCL.  Why BLKS instead of BTC?  Becuase it's faster and cheaper and we want to promote our own coin of course!

  1. Download the waves wallet and deposit BTC (wallet available in browser, online, and mobile app).  Yes, yet another wallet app...poor babies.  
  2. Click on "dex" and look for BLKS/BTC and use BTC to buy amount of BLKS that you want to use to purchase TDCL.  You will also need to buy a small amount of Waves to cover the exchange transaction fee; 1 Waves will be more than enough.  The price is 1.5 TDCL = 1 BLKS, so if you want the minimum of 1,000 TDCL, you need 666.6667 BLKS
  3. Send however much BLKS you want to use to purchase TDCL to the following address along with the description "for TDCL":  3P4dASpaixBJ7XWtPsTq5JSVsA8fXTgmGQW
  4. Fill out the form below