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Bulwark Monthly Blog 3

For our masternode pool holders, here's an update from BWK...

Hello World

Hey #BulwarkGang! It’s been another exciting month for Bulwark and we have a lot to discuss! There should be a little something for everyone in this blog so let’s do this!

Marketing Update

Community Milestones

We’re ramping up the marketing and the results are starting to show! We had some very cool milestones and want to thank everyone who has been following us and participating, you guys are truly the best!

Twitter: 7000 Followers

Discord: 5000 Members

Reddit: 3000 Subscribers

Home Node Shares

It’s especially cool when you show off your Bulwark Secure Home Node! If you share them on social media, be sure to tag us and we’ll share too!

New additions

If you’re interested in crypto without the noise, be sure to check out the Bulwark investFeed. We fired it up this month and will continue to keep it updated on a regular basis.

We’ve also been adding several tutorial videos to our YouTube! Subscribe to our channel and check them out. Expect many more videos in the future!

Bulwark Related

Bulwark For Good

Bulwark for Good is doing great things! They’ve reached the milestone of helping over 20,000 students. Big congrats to them! Make sure to read the above Q&A and follow them on Twitter, they love the support they’ve been getting from the community!


The MasternodeMeBro tournament is still running and we’ve reached the final 16 by defeating HarvestCoin! Vote for Bulwark against our current opponent by clicking the above SurveyMonkey link!

Masternode Hosts

New masternode services have started supporting Bulwark this month:




Omni analytics

More from @OmniAnalytics. If you’re looking for raw data, these are the guys you want to follow. If you look at the above spreadsheet you’ll find Bulwark on the top of the first column.

Bulwark Development Update

Bulwark Design Framework

We take the Bulwark brand very seriously. If you’re interested in topics such as core feature visuals, the Bulwark brand, user interface, and open source this is a highly recommended read.

Staking script:

The staking script has arrived! This one is not for beginners though. If you’d like to setup staking remotely it’s imperative to read the above blog and follow all of the instructions!

Business Plan

Bulwark is incorporating! To continue building ourselves as a legitimate and professional project, we have begun work on incorporating ourselves as a business so that we can make all Bulwark Team Members official parts of the project and company.


Bastion is one of our developments that we’re very excited for. There is a massive gap in between small exchanges that are usually poorly managed, maintained, and financed which lead to financial issues for its users. While they provide lower listing fees, it’s very important to compare the cost to the return that the listing brings to our community. On the other end of the spectrum, there are large exchanges that have high levels of volume. With this, unfortunately, come exorbitantly growing listing fee costs that the majority of legitimate projects that are not ICOs and did not take considerable premines will never be able to afford. Bastion intends to fill these gaps by providing an elegant UI with ease of use along with fiat gateways for listings that wish to have them. To build upon this, Bulwark will also play an integral role in the exchange as Bastion will be including Bulwark pairs for all exchange listings and collect listing fees only with Bulwark. Bastion fully intends to stay humble and grow while offering affordable listing fees so that legitimate self funded projects have a safe and properly managed exchange to list themselves on. For our users, we have elected to adopt industry standard trading and withdrawal fees while considering a number of events that can provide benefits to it’s users.

In regards to the development schedule for Bastion, the majority of backend work has been completed and the exchange is fully functional aside from some minor tweaks we’re going to be making. As we’ve passed this hurdle, we now look to designing and fleshing out the front end UI to build an exchange that everyone will enjoy using to trade cryptocurrencies.

Development Environment

A private repository has been established, using Gitea, that will hold future and current private developments, outside of the continual support for our open projects already on Github. Some of these developments will include proprietary systems for future hardware development, as outlined in our roadmap. The intention is to prevent our work from being forked and incorrectly supported thus negatively impacting the ecosystem of cryptocurrency and privacy in general. Most all of our source code, depending on impact or risk, will be open sourced at some point in time. We appreciate Travis CI for the open source build solution and all the success we have had using it. Moving forward we need a faster more granularly controlled system for our builds, tests, and other integrations. TeamCity has a great user interface and is fast, so far we are happy in our testing of it enough to move forward with it as our chosen CI solution.

As such, the Bulwark binary (wallet) releases will continue to be publicly available via our Github.

Zerocoin Protocol

Zerocoin and codebase upgrades are coming! The Bulwark team is proud to say we’re hard at work upgrading our codebase as well as integrating Zerocoin Protocol to the Bulwark network. Zerocoin is a privacy tool that allows a user to essentially trade BWK for a new coin called zBWK. This newly minted coin cannot be tracked and does not provide any transaction information that is publicly available. Once the zBWK gets where it needs to go, the end user can then transfer it back into BWK!

Zerocoin is operating properly with a few minor tweaks that still need to be made to get it where we’d like it to be. On top of this, we have started working on pushing codebase upgrades that will assist in bringing our codebase up to speed and making a number of improvements to our network.


Overall it’s been a great month and next month we have some huge developments in the pipeline! The Bulwark community is growing every day and we intend to keep breaking new ground with both development and marketing. We appreciate everyone for joining us along the way!

Coming Soon

 Zerocoin Protocol Release!

 Bulwark Design Framework!

 More Bastion Updates!