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Membership Packages

Technological advancements usually start out with lofty, idealistic goals...and then capitalism takes over and the benefits and wealth that were supposed to accrue to society end up being concentrated in relatively few hands.  Technology has the potential to improve the lives of the global Afrikan family, but rarely is that potential realized. Our goal is to make sure this does not happen with blockchain technology, which has the potential to surpass the internet as the greatest opportunity to build wealth in a generation.  

Rather than being a blockchain company focused on a particular niche, we are building a collective where Black people around the world can use blockchain to practice ujamaa (cooperative economics), build wealth, and promote/advance Afrikan culture.  Therefore, our goals are twofold:

  1. Financial Education
  2. Economic Empowerment

While some initiatives will be developed in-house where there are gaps in existing areas, we aim to achieve these goals thru partnerships.  We welcome collaboration with existing crypto groups.  If you are an admin of a crypto group, contact us to learn how you can get involved.  We are more powerful working together than competing.  The financial underpinnings of this cooperative economy will be powered by the BlacKrypto Society token (BLKS).

Now, while we do want to be inclusive and give everyone the opportunity to benefit from this life-changing opportunity, we're building a community and we want people who will positively and constructively contribute to the community, so there is a very short application process.  

We also want to make sure that we greet all new members properly, so we  admit new members in groups while trying to make sure everyone in each group is around the same experience level.  

Membership Options

There are three membership levels.  Membership fees are only accepted in crypto (any crypto group that makes you pay with dollars isn't serious).  All members get a BlacKrypto Society member's only tee.  When you pay annually vs monthly, you get one month free.  You can also save by paying with BLKS instead of BTC or BCH (The BLKS option is only for annual payments)


$19.41/mo | $213.51/yr

*pay with BLKS and save 10%

This is the standard membership package for people who are just getting started and aren't sure if they want to dive head first into the crypto ocean.  It comes with:

  • Original and curated educational content to get you from zero crypto knowledge to a veritable crypto expert.
  • We will get you started with the perfect crypto investment portfolio
  • Access to the BlacKrypto member's only community
  • Members get first dibs on exclusive crypto-related products, services, and investment opportunities like private tokensales (e.g. Teledactyl).
  • Opportunities to get free BLKS 
  • Lower fees on masternode pool shares
  • Discounted access to the HodlBot index tool, which allows you to maintain a balanced crypto portfolio all from your own Binance account without having to send your coins to anyone else like a fund manager.
  • The opportunity to earn referral fees and rewards by referring new members and masternode pool users
  • Discounts from Black Soap Club and The Black Travel Club


$81.70/mo | $898.70/yr

*pay with BLKS and save 10%

  • Everything listed above plus...
  • Access to premium content
  • HodlBot index tool included at no extra cost ($10/mo value)
  • Trading signals for various coins ($55/mo value)
  • $20 worth of masternode shares automatically purchased every month (you can choose which masternode, or let us choose for you)
  • A BlacKrypto dad hat ($30 value)
  • Priority access to exclusive ICO allocations, masternode pools, and crypto events (PRICELESS!!!)

Green (coming will be able to upgrade your membership when this option becomes available)

$188.70/mo | $2,075.70/yr

*pay with BLKS and save 10%

  • Everything listed above plus...
  • $80 worth of masternode shares automatically purchased every month
  • Crypto Trading e-Book download
  • Advanced trading course
  • Access to exclusive trading pool

You can pay for your membership in BTC, BCH, or BLKS (save 10% by paying with BLKS).  To get started, fill out the membership application linked below and instructions will follow once you're accepted.  If you don't have any crypto, CLICK HERE to get started buying. 




Questions?  Shoot us an email below or contact us on discord

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