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Masternode Pools

Masternodes are a great way to earn income from altcoins that you're HODLing long term, but they usually require a significant upfront investment in coins and some technical knowledge to set up and maintain

Want to invest in a masternode, but don't have enough coins or technical knowledge to do it on your own?  Join our investor pool to collectively invest in masternodes.  Consider it just like earning passive monthly interest on your crypto holdings.  Compared to running your own masternode, a masternode pool has the following benefits:

  • No technical knowledge or setup required on your part.  You just need to be able to buy and transfer coins from exchanges/wallets
  • Lower minimum investment
  • Easily decrease or increase your investment in smaller increments

While no technical knowledge is required to participate, this is NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BEGINNERS.  If you are new to crypto and have yet to learn the basics of buying, selling, storing, and transferring cryptocurrencies as well as how to evaluate various coins before purchasing them, we strongly recommend that you sign up for our email list and read through our beginners courses before getting started.


Why Join?

  • Buy and sell shares
  • Receive regular reward payments, earning passive crypto income
  • Regular email and keybase updates
  • Dead man switch, if the masternode operator is unavailable for 30 days, the Masternodes are stopped and all your shares are sent back to you. 
  • We've been working with/investing in crypto since spring 2013

How it works

  • Sign up for an account on (mobile app also available) and follow @blackrypto
  • Message @blackrypto with the coin and number of shares you would like to purchase (e.g. BWK 10 shares) and indicate whether you would like to send the coins directly or use BLKS to purchase shares.  We will then reply with the amount of coins to send along with the deposit address and further instructions.
  • The one-time deposit fee is 2% to purchase the shares (included in the share price).  There is also a payout fee, used to maintain the service, host the Masternode, development, security and administration fees. You don't have to pay anything, this fee is deducted from the masternode payouts
  • If you don’t want to deal with buying and storing the various coins, keeping up with wallet updates, then you purchase shares with BLKS at the current market sell price and receive the masternode rewards in BLKS as well.  If you use BLKS, you will pay NO PAYOUT FEES FOR THE FIRST MONTH.  Learn more about BLKS coin here.
  • Sign up for masternode email updates HERE
  • The payout fees are as follows:

 BlacKrypto Society and Digital Underground Members

1-25 shares 26-75 shares 76+ shares


20% 15% 10%
1-50 shares 51-100 shares 100+ shares


    Referral Bonuses

    • Send people the link to this page
    • When they sign up, make sure they mention your keybase username (we'll also ask them who referred them if they forget)
    • We'll give you 20% of their fees every week for 12 months or until they leave all masternode pools.  If you refer 10 people or more, we'll pay 25% of their fees every week for 18 months or until they leave all masternode pools.
    • Your referral payment will be sent out weekly with your regular masternode payments

    Current & Upcoming Masternodes

    These are the masternodes currently operating or collecting funds. 

    Below you can find details for purchasing shares in active masternodes.

    • If it says ACTIVE only, then the node is fully funded and no more shares are available for purchase.  If you want to purchase shares for that particular coin, you'll need to contact us on keybase and get on the wait list.
    • If it says ACTIVE but still lists shares available and a deposit address, then you can purchase shares and they will start earning rewards immediately.  You will be buying someone's existing shares that wants to sell.  This is the quickest way to start earning rewards.
    • If is says PENDING next to a coin, that means there's still time to purchase shares and the node has not been activated.

    Want us to add another coin?  Fill out THIS FORM.

     click on the coin's ticker symbol in the left column to go to the information page for that coin so you can start your research.  

    BWK 1


    BWK 4 ACTIVE - 51 BWK per share, minimum 5 shares
    GIN 2 ACTIVE - 10.2 GIN per share, minimum 5 shares
    GTM 1 PENDING - 10 GTM per share, minimum 10 shares
    KYD ACTIVE - 102 KYD/share, minimum 10 shares
    MEDIC 1 ACTIVE - 1,999 MEDIC/share, minimum 10 shares


      Getting Started

      • Read our FREE Masternode Report
      • Sign up for an account on and follow @blackrypto.  
      • Message @blackrypto to ask questions
      • When you're ready to get started, message @blackrypto with the coin and number of shares you would like to purchase
      • Sign up for the masternode updates email list just in case you miss the keybase announcements

      Questions?  Please contact us on keybase (username: blackrypto) or send us an email below

      Even if you're not ready to sign up for a masternode pool yet, you can join the email list to get updates and research reports related to masternodes to help you make your decision




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