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      BLKS is the officialy token of the BlacKrypto Society and officially launched in August 2018.  It is THE coin to power Black economic development initiatives around the world.  With the token you can:

      • Pay for your BlacKrypto Society Membership and get 20% off vs paying in dollars.  With membership you get:
        • Curated content
        • Coin picks/signals
        • Access to exclusive deals and investment opportunities (like the HODL 20 Fund)
        • BLKS airdrops and opportunities to earn more
        • A community of fellow Black cryptoheads to learn and invest with
        • Discounts from Black Soap Club, The Black Travel Club, and more Black-owned merchants that will be added in the future.
      • Purchase shares in a masternode pool
      • Pay for a HODL Index subscription
      • Get airdrops of more BLKS
      • Get 10% off purchases from DNBE, Black Soap Club, and The Black Travel Club (just email them with the items you would like to purchase and a shipping address and they will let you know how many BLKS to send and where to send them)

      BLKS is a payment method for the Black economy.  It derives value from demand for its use.  BlacKrypto Society will generate demand through all of its projects, which are funded when you buy BLKS from BlacKrypto Society.  So you don't have to send us money to manage for you or worry about keeping up with all of our projects if you don't have time.  Simply by buying and holding BLKS, you will benefit from all of our efforts, which will directly and indirectly create upward price pressure for the coin.  Directly, via buy backs and indirectly by creating more ways to spend/use BLKS.


      Technological advancements usually start out with lofty, idealistic goals...and then capitalism takes over and the benefits and wealth that were supposed to accrue to society end up being concentrated in relatively few hands.  Technology has the potential to improve the lives of the global Afrikan family, but rarely is that potential realized. Our goal is to make sure this does not happen with blockchain technology, which has the potential to surpass the internet as the greatest opportunity to build wealth in a generation.  

      Rather than being a blockchain company focused on a particular niche, we are building a collective where Black people around the world can use blockchain to practice ujamaa (cooperative economics), build wealth, and promote/advance Afrikan culture.  Therefore, our goals are twofold:

      1.  Financial Education
      2.  Economic Empowerment

      While some initiatives will be developed in-house where there are gaps in existing areas, we aim to achieve these goals thru partnerships.  The financial underpinnings of this cooperative economy will be powered by the BlacKrypto Society token (BLKS).

      We wanted to create a coin for the Black community that had value from day 1, rather than the promise of some future usefulness.  BLKS can be used as a method of payment now, but even just holding BLKS allows you to indirectly benefit from a diverse array of crypto initiatives as we build the perfect crypto portfolio.  We also hope to integrate with other Black businesses and organization so BLKS can be used as a medium of exchange and store of value on a bigger scale.  


      BLKS can be purchased on the Waves dex (dex = decentralized exchange), which has desktop, online, and mobile walllets, available here (it's recommended to start with the online or desktop wallets as the mobile wallet cannot generate valid BTC addresses to received BTC yet).  First you'll need to buy BTC.  If you don't know how to do that, please read this.  Once you have BTC, then go to the dex section of the waves wallet and purchase a small amount of Waves, 1 will do for now (Waves are used for the transaction fees and 1 Waves is enough for hundreds of transactions).  Then search for BLKS/BTC in the dex and place a "BUY" order for the amount of BLKS you would like to purchase.  Then if you want to sell, you can sell on that same dex, or if you want to send BLKS to anyone, all you need is their waves address and you can send BLKS directly there.  

      If you are unfamiliar with how to buy/sell or send/receive coins, please check out our crypto education section.  Once you're able to buy/acquire bitcoins, here's a quick video on how to buy BLKS using the waves wallet.

      Total Supply: 42,000,000
      Initial release (August 2018): 8,400,000

      • Exchange: 5,880,000
      • Airdrops: 840,000
      • BKS Member Bonuses: 1,680,000