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The Perfect Portfolio

One of the main benefits of being a BKS member, especially if you're new to crypto, is that we'll help you build a solid, well-balanced crypto portfolio, which will consist of:

  • The bulk will be in an index comprised of the top 10-30 cryptos (you'll need a Binance account for this, but once you set it up, you don't really have to do anything else and you'll keep control of your funds, unlike with a traditional ETF).  As you gain more knowledge/experience, you can create your own index with coins that you choose. LEARN MORE HERE
  • 5-10% will be just holding BLKS long
  • Passive income from masternodes
  • A small portion reserved for more aggressive but risky positions in small cap coins, ICOs, and private investment opportunities
  • (Optional) Active trading based on short term signals (coin picks) that I'll be sending out regularly.  This is the only part of the portfolio that would require consistent attention and effort, so if you want to be more hands off and don't really have time, you can leave this out.
  • (Optional) Participation in private OTC trades.  This is an arbitrage strategy with very little downside risk.  However, there are other risks and issues to consider with this kind of trading that make it unsuitable for certain individuals.

The first 3 are accessible even if you're not a BlacKrypto Society member, but for the last 3 you'll need to be a member, but membership is very affordable, with the lowest level being only $19.41/month!  Join today at

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