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Masternode Pool Update: 06/18/2018

Weekly update for the BlacKrypto Masternode Pools.  Sponsored by Black Soap Club - Making it Easy to Buy BLACK!

AEG is in the middle of some updates that had AEG node #3 down for a few days, but it is back up and running in the initial wait period now along with a new node, AEG #4.  We should know within a day or two if they're working properly.  

Here's how the active nodes are performing so far:

Start Date Initial Value (USD) Current Value (USD) Rewards Received Rewards Received (USD value) ROI (USD)
BWK 1 5/20/2018 $6,150 $3,819.42 406.25 BWK $367.62 5.98%
BWK 2 5/21/2018 $7,080  $3,819.42 406.25 BWK $353.30 4.99%
AEG 1 6/2/2018 $897.57 $678 1750 AEG $237.30 26.44%
AEG 2 6/11/2018 $1,091 $678 630 AEG $85.43 7.83%


*Keep in mind, the USD returns are calculated at the US Dollar value of the coin at today's prices.

As you can see, the current values are still down due to the large crypto crash that happened last weekend that has persisted with no indication of a speedy recovery.  But this is crypto, so things could change at any time.  In any event, the fundamentals of crypto are still sound, so some may view this as a good time to buy while prices are depressed.   

We're just 25 shares away from funding BWK #3 (51 BWK per share, 10 share minimum).  AEG shares are still available (51 AEG per share with a 20 share minimum).

MEDIC still has a long way to go to be fully funded, so get in now while you can, once it is funded, you'll have to wait for someone to sell their shares or for a second MEDIC masternode to be funded before you will be able to participate.  It's also worth noting that MEDIC has bounced back and the price is currently rising despite the market price remaining about flat over the last week.  This shows the strength of the coin and the community behind it. 

Start researching Ganjacoin (MRJA).  This was actually the first masternode we started internally for testing purposes, but it has done very well for us and we've already achieved over 100% ROI since late march of this year.  However, they have some wallet updates and a halving event coming up shortly, so it may be best to just research for now and see how it shakes out over the next week before making any decisions.

To vote on new coins, click here.  For details on the masternodes that are currently funding and instructions on how to participate, CLICK HERE.