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Masternode Pool Update 06/25/2018

Weekly update for the BlacKrypto Masternode Pools.  Sponsored by Black Soap Club - Making it Easy to Buy BLACK!

The AEG and BWK updates are complete and masternodes are back up and running.  We've also added 4 more AEG masternodes.  BWK #3 is only 10 shares away from being fully funded and ready to activate.

Here's how the active nodes are performing so far:

Start Date Initial Value (USD) Current Value (USD) Rewards Received Rewards Received (USD value) ROI (USD)
BWK 1 5/20/2018 $6,150 $3,439.65 623.63 BWK $429 6.98%
BWK 2 5/21/2018 $7,080  $3,439.65 568.63 BWK $391 5.53%
AEG 1 6/2/2018 $897.57 $592.58 2520 AEG $298.66 33.27%
AEG 2 6/11/2018 $1,091 $592.58 1400 AEG $165.92 15.20%
AEG 3 6/21/2018 $662.18 $592.58 350 AEG $41.48


AEG 4 6/18/2018 $687.50 $592.58 420 AEG $49.78 7.24%
AEG 5 6/21/2018 $662.18 $592.58 420 AEG $49.78 7.52%


*Keep in mind, the USD returns are calculated at the US Dollar value of the coin at today's prices.

As you can see, the current values are still down due to the large crypto crash that happened two weekends ago that has persisted with no indication of a speedy recovery.  But this is crypto, so things could change at any time.  In any event, the fundamentals of crypto are still sound, so some may view this as a good time to buy while prices are depressed.   

MEDIC still has a long way to go to be fully funded, so get in now while you can, once it is funded, you'll have to wait for someone to sell their shares or for a second MEDIC masternode to be funded before you will be able to participate.  It's also worth noting that MEDIC has bounced back and the price is currently rising despite the market price remaining about flat over the last week.  This shows the strength of the coin and the community behind it. 

We've reversed our opinion on MRJA after further evaluation.  We will be selling off several of our MRJA masternodes once the price recovers a bit more after their recent mishandled update. This update showed the weakness in the team and it turns out there's only one developer behind the whole project who pretty much controls everything and doesn't seem capable of taking to project where it needs to go at this current time.  That is not the crypto way.  The concept behind the coin is still sound, so we'll continue to monitor it and let you know if we change our opinion again.

To vote on new coins, click here.  For details on the masternodes that are currently funding and instructions on how to participate, CLICK HERE.