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Masternode Pool Update: 8/13/18

Bi-Weekly update for the BlacKrypto Masternode Pools.  Sponsored by Black Soap Club - Making it Easy to Buy BLACK!


Besides the further softening of the bitcoin market, this has been a relatively uneventful week for our masternodes.  No news is good news and rewards are steadily rolling in.

Key Stats

 Initial Value of All Active Masternodes $29,903.94
Current Value of Rewards Received from Active Masternodes (since 5/20/18) $4,158.04
Cumulative ROI 13.90%

*Keep in mind, the USD returns are calculated at the US Dollar value of the coin at today's prices, but if you had been selling your rewards for BTC or USD, actual returns would be different



We're still accepting deposits for BWK masternode #4, which is about 30% funded so far.  BWK has been relatively stable since we launched the first node back in May, unlike most other masternode coins so we feel it will be one of the more relatively stable coins in our masternode portfolio and wanted to open another one up to people who missed out on the first 3.

MEDIC is almost fully funded.  There's still time to get in on this project that marries two hot and blockchain.

The first GIN masternode had it's first payout this week!  This is one of our personal favorites because we actually use the service to manage a couple of the masternodes.

Remember, the BLKS coin is now live and you can purchase and HODL as well as use them to buy masternode pool shares and BlacKrypto Society membership.  Check the BLKS coin page for more info.

To vote on new coins, click here.  For details on the masternodes that are currently funding and instructions on how to participate, CLICK HERE.